Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blodgett and Ute Valley

I set out today to get in a decent run.  I had never climbed to the top of Blodgett Peak despite hiking and running around the area many times.  I planned on being able to run to the top but that turned out to be impossible.  The trail was much steeper than I expected and it was covered in deep snow and mud in spots.  I still climbed to the top navigating through knee deep snow in spots (luckily four other guys had already made their way to the summit before I did so I was able to follow in their footprints).  I recharged at the summit for about 10 minutes and made my way down.  Descending was much more difficult and I basically slid halfway down the mountain.  Once back on the access road I ran the two miles down to the parking lot.  I was planning on running for 3-4 hours but I only had been hiking/running for 2:20 at that point.  I got in my truck and made my way over to Ute Valley Park eating some GU along the way.  I put in 56 minutes there.  Although I didn't run up Blodgett my legs were total jello from hiking through the mud and snow and it felt like I had run much farther than I did (total mileage including hiking Blodgett and running Ute Valley was 9.83).  Overall a pretty good day of hiking/running.

Elevation Blodgett then Ute Valley: