Thursday, December 17, 2009


I arrived in L.A. yesterday for a week of work.  I didn't have time to get to the beach after working for a few hours and then buying groceries to stock my hotel room.  Today I left work a little early, stopped by the hotel to get my running clothes, and headed straight to the beach.  I had never been to southern California before.  70 degrees outside towards the end of December is definitely more pleasant than the weather we've been having in Colorado lately.

I laced up my shoes and headed up the beach.  With the ocean breeze the weather was perfect for running.  I don't feel as "at home" running on the beach as I do running in the Colorado Rockies but it's sure a close second.  Definitely calming.  Today was an especially stressful day at work but after a few minutes running along the ocean I totally forgot I even had a job (ah, wouldn't that be nice).

I finished the run, sat on the hood of my rental car, and watched the remainder of the sunset.  My running shoes are sitting in the corner of my hotel room right now covered half in the red soil of the Colorado Rockies and half in southern California beach sand.  If running shoes could smile they'd be doing it from ear to ear.  I sure am.


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