Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Kicks

Even though my birthday isn't for a few days, my wife, family, and friends surprised me with an awesome Easter beginning with breakfast at Bon Ton's Cafe with my parents (they were in town from NM).  Next we headed up to Denver and met up with some friends and Lindsey's parents for some indoor skydiving (amazing!!!!).  We finished it up with a feast at Maggiano's.  Among other things I got a pair of New Balance MT100s.  I was eager to try them out when we got home but the 10lbs of spaghetti in my stomach wouldn't allow me to do anything but lay on the couch. 

After work on Monday I headed to Ute Valley for a short 5 miles (getting in long runs during the week is impossible at this point in the semester...luckily summer's right around the corner).  I was feeling great and attacked the trail pretty hard.  The shoes weigh next to nothing and they felt like running in slippers.  There's definitely a noticeable level of support missing compared to my regular running shoes but that's what I was expecting.  Despite the low-level  of cushioning (none), my legs didn't feel too bad after a hard 5 miles.  I definitely couldn't run any more than, say, a half-marathon in them right now.  But, I'll work on it.  Incorporating the shoes into my training should definitely make my legs, feet, ankles, and knees much stronger.

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